Metabo INOX - Stainless Steel Finishing

If you want a perfect finish, you need perfect mac hines: the NEW Metabo Stainless Steel range.

The life blood of a Metabo flows from over 80 years of experience in the metal sector. The high quality demands that Metabo place on these specialist metal processing machines result in technically excellent tools. With a wide range of accessories to match Metabo can guarantee that when using a Metabo you will achieve perfect results. A bold statement that we back up with the Metabo XXL 3 year warranty. Be it when finishing surfaces, pipes or weld seams, from coarse grinding through to burnishing and high-gloss polishing perfection can be achieved. Metabo inox machines are available in both corded and cordless executions for on-site use, we know no boundaries. Within this booklet we hope to give you a short introduction to some best practice techniques, the Metabo guide to stainless steel finishing. However in the end there is only so much we can do, the rest is up to you. Professional stainless steel finishing now knows no limits.