Tool Organization

Tool Organization  

Custom Kaizen Foam Tool Organizers

Do your best work when you store, protect, and organize your tools and valuable objects

How to Cut Kaizen Foam

Step 1

Trace your item with a kaizen marker

Step 2

Set your depth and cut your item

Step 3

Peel out the foam to your desired depth and check the fit

Kaizen Foam Sample Piece

If you aren't sure if our foam inserts are going to work for you, grab a kaizen foam sample piece for only $5 and test out the product.

Our sample piece is a 5" x 8" 57mm piece that ships for free 

This will allow you to trace in an item and see how the cutting of the insert and fit works.  

Kaizen Foam Shadow Boards

Foam organizers are a great way to increase productivity and efficiency, and extend the longevity of tools. Dealing with missing or damaged tools hurts productivity. Instead of throwing tools in a drawer or leaving them on a workbench, keep them organized with kaizen foam organizers. These foam liners are easy to set up—just trace your tools’ outlines on the foam, then cut them out.

Kaizen Foam Tool Organizer

The easiest and most effective way to organize and store your tools

Kaizen foam is a durable closed-cell foam that can withstand continual use. It's easy to install and the coloured foam acts as a visual indicator so you can spot missing tools easily

Kaizen Foam Sheets Available In

Foam Organizers Not Your Thing? Checkout Toolbox Widgets

A simple and effective toolbox organizers that allows you to organize your tool drawers in less than 10 minutes.  

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