45g Metallic ColorPigment

45g Metallic ColorPigment

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These 45g Metallic ColorPigment unique pigments are designed to be field blended with EcoPoxy 100% solids clear epoxy binder.
EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coatings is a high-gloss system that's self-leveling. Choose from various shades of EcoPoxy Metallic pigment additives to produce a gleaming, marbleized look with pearlescent and iridescent accents. These lustrous floor coatings are our newest solution for commercial applications, retail environments, and for residential designers looking to set their decor apart from others.

EcoPoxy Metallic Floor Coating offers unsurpassed durability. Resistant to salt, oil, gas, and other harsh chemicals, this is one of the toughest floor coatings available. Our formula is perfectly suited for high traffic areas like garages and workshops but still safe enough to be used in other interior spaces like basements, laundry rooms, and family rooms. Zero VOC's and a low odor make it a great choice for almost any indoor application. Easy to maintain, lasts a lifetime while still looking fantastic.

Metallic Color Pigments Advantages:
Natural stone appearance
Completely customizable
Extremely durable coating
Easy field blending & installation
Multi-dimensional color hues
Suitable for many environments
Stylish, unique design
Low maintenance system
Economical & cost-effective
Flooring artisan friendly
Virtually VOC free and low odor, ideal for use on interior concrete surfaces
Resists chemicals, cracking, peeling, and hot-tire pick up
Extreme high-gloss finish with a shimmery metallic color provides a showroom quality floor
Strongly adheres to concrete for lasting durability
Natural Color Micas Custom Blending & Sizing
The application instructions are intended to provide guidelines for installation of the Metallic Color Pigments. There are no set rules for applying these pigments, as they are merely a creative component to the overall system. The basic steps for a successful flooring installation with metallic color pigments are as follows.

Surface Preparation
Primer / Basecoat
Metallic Color Pigments Coat
Clear Topcoat (optional