Bitmag Drill Bit Holder - Composite Red

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Bitmag Composite RED

The Bitmag Composite is made in red high-quality fiberglass composite polymer with strong Samarium-Cobolt magnets, giving you the same functionality as in the metal BITMAG.

Suitable for all cordless drills.

Mounting screw included for:

Festool, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi/Hikoki, DeWalt & Milwaukee M18. If you want to fit Bitmag on M12 you will need a M2,5 x 0,45 x 20mm screw and some washers for distance.

You can also attach your BITMAG using double-sided foam tape or construction adhesive. That’s especially suitable for models without clips and also for brands like Hilti that has a unique clip attachment. Just make sure to clean the surface on your power tool before attaching it.