StealthMounts 45/90Magnetic Bit Holder

StealthMounts 4590 Bit Holders are the perfect addition for your drill or impact driver. Both the 45 angled Bit Holder and one 90 angled Bit Holder, providing two options of storage for impact bits and screws. Both bitholders provide easy access to impact bits, keeping them organised and on your drill or impact driver. Each magnetic bitholder can hold up to 5 bits ensuring you never lose track of your most needed impact bits. The 45 angled Bit Holder can also hold a carpenter’s pencil for extra efficiency. Both bit holders are designed specifically for use with Tools, providing a close and secure fit. The appropriate screw for mounting to your tools is included. The exposed magnet allows for extra storage of bits and screws and easy mounting on either side of the drill. Made in Great Britain our 4590 Bit Holders are made with extremely durable injection moulded ABS plastic.

  • Two Bit Holders that hold up to 5 bits and a pencil

  • Works on both sides of your impact or drill 

  • Exposed magnet on both sides for more mounting options

  • Extra magnetic storage on the side of the bit holder for screws and bits

  • Made in Great Britain

  • Made with strong injection moulded ABS plastic