Milwaukee Packout Handle Release Pin Kit

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  • PACKOUT HANDLE RELEASE KIT: Easily remove the handle from your Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox
  • Quickly remove the handles off of your Packout Rolling Toolbox using our high quality 100% stainless steel Packout Handle Removal Pins
  • Our Handle Release Kit for the Milwaukee Packout can be installed in minutes using the supplied tools!
  • Our Packout Handle Pin Mod Kit comes with 2 x Packout Handle Pins, 1 x 5mm Drill Bit, and 1 x Threaded Bolt to Tap Holes!
  • Increase the versatility of your Packout System by adding our Packout Handle Removal Kit. Transport your Packout under truck bed covers, fit in smaller spaces, make your life easier!
  • Installation instructions are included in the kit to help you install our Packout Handle Quick Release Pins!