Squi.Jig Framing Tools

Premium Tools, Made in the USA.

SquiJig Framing Jigs

Extra Tall Aluminum Framing Jigs, made to clamp onto most squares and commonly used to perform stair stringer layout, rafter layout, rip materials with a circular saw and many other uses when working with lumber and steel. 

SquiJig Fusion Rafter Squares

The Fusion Square is the next level of rafter squares. Fully machined light weight square made of high grade aluminum. With an interchangeable patented 3/16th thick ruler like heel for layout and deck board spacing. Highly visible bubble level makes it perfect for deck builders, fence builders, framers, timber framing and more. Attach a framing jig to create repeatable angle cuts and marks. 

SquiJig Framer Pro Framing Squares

The Framer Pro is fully machined framing square featuring a durable finish with chamfered edges and vibrant laser markings for accurate layout. Scribe guides from 1/2" to 15" ensure quick measurements for ripping material. The size of the square is easy to use and will quickly become your go-to for all your projects.