Milwaukee Packout Custom Foam Inserts

Having Custom Milwaukee Packout Foam Inserts offers users enhanced protection and organization.

Whether you are looking for a foam insert for a Milwaukee Packout tool box, Packout Organizer, or Packout Drawers, something unique or for a replacement Packout Insert our custom Milwaukee Packout Inserts are the best option for you.

Our Kaizen Foam Packout Inserts allow users to completely customize their Milwaukee Packout tool box to their needs. With just a utility knife and one of our Pre Cut Packout Inserts you can outfit your case with a Kaizen Insert that will keep your equipment safe and organized while looking like it came out of a James Bond movie.

Not every Milwaukee Packout owner puts the exact same things inside of their tool box, so why settle with a generic Packout foam insert? The idea behind our Milwaukee Packout Inserts is that each pre cut Kaizen Insert can be customized to fit your unique equipment, tools, or instruments arsenal. 

No headache, no hassle you simply order a pre cut Packout Foam Insert that matches your cases model number. Once you receive you custom Packout foam you simply trace your items onto the foam insert and begin cutting.

NO scanning, NO CAD, NO shipping your tools!

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