Bitmag Drill Bit Holder

Bitmag Bit Holder

Bitmag is an innovative product that complements our line of organizational products. All our products aim to help our customers be more effective and efficient at their craft. Bitmag comes in several different colour variants and an aluminum option. 

The Bitmag Composites are made in high-quality fiberglass composite polymer with strong Samarium-Cobolt magnets, giving you the same functionality as in the metal BITMAG

Why Do I Need A Bitmag?

  • The Bitmag allows you to easily grab your bits, even with gloves on! There is room for up to five bits. The bitmag can also store bit holders, drills & small sockets
  • Store your bits right on your power tool. Have your bits easily accessible for fast swapping.
  • Small and powerful magnets hold your bits - they won't fall out.
  • Swap bits with just one hand - even when wearing gloves.
  • Improved workflow and fewer lost bits, save time and money.
  • Your bits are clearly visible for easy selection.
  • Your Bitmag can be set at any angle to suit your needs - highly ergonomic.

Mounting screw included for:

Festool, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi/Hikoki, DeWalt & Milwaukee M18. If you want to fit Bitmag on M12 you will need a M2,5 x 0,45 x 20mm screw and some washers for distance.

You can also attach your BITMAG using double-sided foam tape or construction adhesive. That’s especially suitable for models without clips and also for brands like Hilti that has a unique clip attachment. Just make sure to clean the surface on your power tool before attaching it.

Shop Bitmag Cordless Drill Bit Holders at KCI Tools. Store every drill bit you need right on the drill. Bits can be easily taken out even while wearing gloves.

Ship across North America for $15