SHARP POG® Oscillatory Multi-Tool Blade Sharpener

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Are you tired of throwing away expensive blades for your oscillating multi-tool when they get dull? With just a hand drill and the SHARP POG®, you can sharpen your blades in minutes and get them back to their sharp, "piranha-like" condition. Not only will this save you money, but it's also a practical tool for tradesmen and homeowners alike. Give the SHARP POG® a try and start getting more value out of your blades!

So, when it comes to smarter multi-tool ownership, it would clearly make sense to simply grind a “new” set of teeth for all those dull or worn-out pre-formed cutting blades. And, you bet, this is precisely what – as all our existing customers have already found – can readily be accomplished with the simple and incredibly useful SHARP POG® product.

With drill speeds on the order of around 1,100 RPM, the SHARP POG® and its patented cylindrical grinding profile works to ensure that a “nicely refurbished” multi-tool blade – or one with “PIRANHA-LIKE TEETH” – can be accomplished in several minutes or so! To be clear, there is serious time and money to be saved by regular use of the SHARP POG® – and safe operation of the patented device (US 10,406,616) is unusually easy.