Nöhlster Locking Tool Clip & GroovNüb Bit Holder

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Tired of the basic belt clips that come on your tools? Upgrade your setup today with the most secure, and fastest way to carry your tools.

Each Nohlster combo pack includes:

  • Nöhlster Clip

  • Grüvnub Bit Holder

  • Universal Adapter plate

  • M12 Adapter plate

  • Pack of 7 screws

  • GRAB AND GO | Simply slide clip onto whatever pant pocket, work belt, or tool vest you’re using. It locks your tool automatically. Grab your tool, climb that ladder, and go get the job done with your tool and workspace protected.
  • KEEP BITS ON BOARD | Locates on clip-side of cordless power tools so longer bits won’t stab the back of hand and bits are easier to see and select. Economical replaceable drill bit holder for impact driver or power drill. 4 impact bit holder design rivals more costly magnetic bit holder. The GroovNüb bit holder is optimized for bits with a groove. Internal nubs grab bit grooves to grip bits better.
  • WORK FAST-STAY LIGHT| No drill holsters or mating devices taking space on tool belt or chest rig. No stretchy tool grip tie strap to ruin your tool handle. Cull your tool belt accessories, eliminate your bit belt holder and don’t settle for uncomfortable tools holster or drill accessories that weigh you down.
  • FAST, EASY, ONE-HAND OPERATION | Precision quick draw release. This drill holder for tool belt is great for working on a ladder or roof. Climb hands-free confident your tool is secure by your side. Don’t rely on a regular drill clip for tool belt, belt hook, or tool pouch prone to accidental dislodge and disaster.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT | Tool clip mounts easily to most cordless tools with provided screws to fit nearly any brand of cordless drill, impact driver, brad nailer, nail gun, multitool, tape measure, etc. Mounts right or left. Built tough for professional use.