C-Bond CA Glue | Super Glue Adhesive | Instant Bond CA Glue

CEC Crop C Bond

Achieve a strong, permanent bond with C-Bond Super Glue adhesive. Simply apply the glue and spray the activator, then press the surfaces together. Also known as Crazy Glue or Super Glue, cyanoacrylate glue is a quick-bonding solution for metal, plastic, and wood. C-BOND is a versatile, general purpose instant/cyanoacrylate glue with a 15-30 second cure time and anti-clog cap. It's perfect for porous surfaces and large gaps and can be used with a CA accelerator to speed up curing time. Trust C-BOND to bond rubber, plastics, metal, and wood reliably and effectively.

  • Our C-Bond products are durable, blemish resistant, has a consistent thickness, cures quickly, is water and impact resistant.
  • C-BOND Thick, along with C-Set accelerator, is a great choice for quick bonding of MDF and porous woods in wood working industries such as cabinet making. 
  • Household repairs, bonding close fitting parts, making toys, crafts, taxidermy usage, stone inlays, pen-turning, wood turning finish and musical instrument repair.

C-Bond is Made in Canada using Canadian Raw Materials.