Tool Box Organization Tips & Ideas

If you work with tools then you know they can quickly get disorganized. This problem plagues many forms of businesses including mechanics, or other jobs where people share equipment. DIY'ers and everyday people also struggle with Tool Box Organization whether it is in their garage or workshop. The key to keeping tool drawers organized is figuring out how to logically organize your tools.

In many cases, the best tool box organizer is one that you can customize yourself.

The issue with most tool box organization systems, tool organizers, and pre-made tool box foam inserts is that they are standardized (ie. only for wrenches,only for drivers) or that they are only compatible with one brand such as Milwaukee or Snap-On tool box organizers.

Kaizen Foam allows users to completely design and create their own Tool Box Inserts to suite their individual needs. Using our tool box organizing foam you can QUICKLY & EASILY create an effective, aesthetically pleasing custom Tool Box Insert specific to your needs with tools that you already have.

Save Time, Be Easy on Yourself & your Wallet

Whether you are a business looking for the best tool organizer system or an individual looking for DIY tool box organization ideas. Kaizen tool organization foam offers users a completely customizable tool box organization system. 

Kaizen Foam is far cheaper than competing products, and you probably already own the tools needed to make your personalized tool organizer system. All you need is a utility knife and a marker.

Some other considerations before you choose your Kaizen Foam:

Thicker Foam Tool Box Inserts for Larger Tools

20mm and 30mm Kaizen Foam works well for some smaller or low-profile tools, but for larger tools such as power tools you may want thicker foam. The thickness of foam also depends on how submerged you would like your tools in your tool box organizer insert.

Strategically Place Small Tools Together

Tool box foam sheets work great for organizing smaller tools that would normally be all stored in one drawer. When these tools are properly arranged using your foam insert, you can find the size you need without digging through a pile of tools. This method is useful for creating DIY wrench organizers, socket organizers, and screwdriver organizers.

When you place your small tools on the Kaizen Foam Sheet, you can maximize space by fitting the tools close together. Either place them beside each other in a line facing the same direction or fit them together like a puzzle. You may want to try several placements before choosing the best tool box organization.

Finger Holes Make for An Easy Pick-Up

If a tool fits tightly into the tool box foam, it can be difficult to pick it up quickly. You also don't want to leave too much space around a tool because it could move around. A great way to fix this problem is to use our Kaizen Holester on each side of a tool's handle in your foam tool box insert so that you you can reach in and grab it.


Batteries & Cords!

When planning your layout for your tool box organizer insert  for power tools, make spaces for cords, batteries and other accessories. Making spaces for these accessories will stop them from getting lost and will help stop damage to cords. 


To Shadow or use a Standard Color

Toolbox foam comes in many styles, sizes, and colors. Some types of foam are single color - often called foam drawer liners - and some contain two colors. Some foam tool organizer kits with two colors have a dark top layer of foam (usually black or blue) and a bright bottom layer. When you cut out your tools on the top layer and place it over the second layer, the bright second layer shows through. This arrangement functions like a shadow board.

Tool box shadowing foam takes tool organization to the next level by showing what you're missing. This is useful if you take your tool box to more than one location. At the end of the day, you can pack up and know you have all the tools you came with. If you work in an area where foreign object damage (FOD) is a concern, shadow boards can make a big difference.

Our colored Kaizen sheet shadow foam kits are also ideal for facilities using Lean manufacturing practices such as 5S. 5S is a systematic approach to organization and housekeeping that advocates that there should be a place for everything and everything in its place. Our multi-colored tool foam can help facilitate this type of program.