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Kaizen Insert is a Unique and Innovative Tools that you didn’t know you needed.

Find out why you need to use Kaizen Foam Inserts

KCI Cases and Inserts Kaizen Foam Insert for Milwaukee Packout

Organization is Key When it Comes to Efficiency

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Kaizen Foam Milwaukee Packout Inserts


Why do you need Kaizen Foam?

1. Tool Organization

Every tool must be placed so that users can easily and quickly find tools to complete their required tasks. By using Kaizen Foam, work areas are more efficient and productive because tools are kept close and to hand.

2. Traceability 

"Everything has its place." Kaizen Foam Shadow Boards allow users to instantly tell if there is a tool missing or if something has been misplaced. The importance of tracing the whereabouts of tools also provides the benefit of continuous monitoring of any deterioration of tools.

3. Visual Management

Using Kaizen Foam enhances your company’s organization skills and provides users with leaner, more productive ways to work. Kaizen Foam facilitates faster production times, greater efficiency and increased effectiveness by using the visual element of how work is done.

4. Standardization

The use of Kaizen foam tool shadow boards in standardizing behaviour and the organization of work areas increases common ideas that you want to instil into daily practices. **The focus of any lean project should be to reduce waste through efficiencies in processes.**

5. Protection

Kaizen Foam allows users to better protect their valuable tools and instruments by preventing excess movement causing collisions. Without having to replace tools users are able save money and are able to justify using more expensive equipment allowing for increased efficiency.