Kaizen foam is the superior option for protecting and organizing your tools and equipment. From hand tools to camera gear, kaizen foam lets you organize and store your equipment so that you never have to waste time and money looking for or replacing your gear.

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Kaizen Foam Sample Piece

If you aren't sure if our foam inserts are going to work for you, grab a kaizen foam sample piece for only $5 and test out the product.

Our sample piece is a 5" x 8" 57mm piece that ships for free 

This will allow you to trace in an item and see how the cutting of the insert and fit works.  

If you've ever struggled to find a misplaced tool, you know first-hand how frustrating it can be. Kaizen foam can prevent tools from getting misplaced by highlighting where tools should be stored.

With our coloured kaizen toolbox foam, you'll not only be able to instantly notice when a tool is missing but you'll also be able to tell exactly what tool is missing.