FastCap SPEEDTAPE - Double Sided Tape

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FastCap's SpeedTape provides a clean, efficient way of applying veneer, edging and even small moldings with no messy overspray or expensive hot-melt edging machines. Just peel off the liner on one side, apply to the edge, peel off the other liner, and roll on your edging. The adhesive increases in strength as it cures, providing a long-lasting permanent bond.

FastCap SpeedTape is a double-sided PSA adhesive tape that you’ll want to keep in your shop and in your tool bag to deal with a million foreseen and unforeseen situations.

Use it to apply veneer, edge banding, laminate, carpet, and small moldings; make jigs; re-attach errant furniture trim; and many other uses.

Just peel off one side’s liner, apply to the edge, peel off the other side’s liner, and roll on whatever you’re taping. The Speed Tape strengthens as it cures. It’s waterproof, too. Test in an inconspicuous area to ensure that SpeedTape is suitable for your intended use.


  • FastCap SpeedTape is completely waterproof
  • Rated from 30° to 250°
  • As always, do a test to ensure SpeedTape is suitable for your application
  • Finishing veneers is very important with SpeedTape - always follow finishing instructions precisely
  • Ideal for: edgebanding, veneers, laminate, applying carpet, jigs and fixtures, general adhesives, peel-and-stick moldings

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