FastCap Saw Hood

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The Saw Hood was designed by a general contractor to eliminate the catastrophic dust problem created by miter saws. It sets up in seconds and contains 95% of the dust. You will be amazed at how effective this product is.

Saw Hood Pro

The FastCap SawHood PRO takes all of the features of the Saw Hood to the next level. The integrated dust cover and cornerless design ensures 95% of the dust is contained. Spring Frame construction allows you to compact the entire hood into the included 22" waterproof carrying Bag.


- Easy to set up and take down

- Connects to accessory holes

- Drawstring dust funnel

- Collapses into 22" bag

- Waterproof

- Aluminum arms and heavy duty hardware


Saw Hoodie

The Saw Hoodie is our latest generation of saw hoods to effectively address the difficult problem of dust collection on miter box saws. It’s super small and compact and works best on smaller 8-inch saws but can work on larger 10 and 12-inch saws as well. It’s designed specifically for quick and minimal setup and takedown on job sites. Its super flexible metal spring ring design allows this hoodie to spring open and mount into the accessory holes on your saw. There is even a vacuum hose hole in the back that allows you to attach a shop vacuum for added dust collection.


- Quick Install

- Easy to store

- Vacuum Hose Hole

- Mess-Free Shop

- Miter Saws

- Tile Saws