Nemo GRABO - Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter

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The Nemo GRABO is a revolutionary tool that is changing the way we carry heavy items. It is heavy lifting made easy!

Through the use of electric vacuum technology this portable, yet lightweight, tool can lift up-to 375Lbs! This makes it ideal for carrying larger items that would normally require two people. A large panel of wood, for example. By attaching the Nemo GRABO to the panel, you will easily be able to lift and carry the panel without struggling to reach the sides.

The Nemo GRABO can grab all manner of materials.

The Nemo GRABOs list of workable materials makes it the perfect choice for dealing with windows, countertops, pavers, doors and panels. It is a game changer in the construction industry as it increases the safety of the workplace, as well as making the work more efficient. 

Using the Nemo GRABO benefits any industry that requires the lifting and moving of large or heavy objects. Movers shifting wooden furniture, Pavers working with heavy stone, Tilers making tiling more efficient, to Glaziers fitting windows. If you have a need to move something heavy or awkward then you can benefit from the Nemo GRABO.  

These are the materials the Nemo GRABO can work with:

  • Glass. The GRABO is perfect for a glazier. 
  • Laminated cardboard.
  • Plastics of all types.
  • Wood, both rough and smooth.
  • Metals. The GRABO sees no challenge in picking up metal with diamond plate or other uneven patterned surfaces. It can also handle the smooth side of metal up-to 242Lbs.
  • Tiles, smooth and patterned/uneven surfaces.
  • Not all stone will work with this tool. Porous stone, stone with minute holes for water drainage or airflow, will not work with the GRABO. However, the GRABO works great with concrete, paving stones, granite and other less porous stones. 
  • Dry Wall.



  • 1 Classic GRABO tool (2021 Version — Complete with battery and seal)
  • 1 mechanical built-in pressure gauge with protective rubber coating
  • 1 multi-socket charger
  • 1 seal (pre-installed on the tool)
  • 1 battery (pre-installed on the tool)
  • 1 tough Oxford fabric carry bag
  • Operator’s manual in English

Lifting force under different conditions

Max Lifting Force

This table provides a rough estimation of the max perpendicular adhesion force and max parallel adhesion force on different materials. These values may vary depending on material and surface conditions.

Perpendicular Hold Parallel Hold P/P Ratio
Glass 170kg (375lbs) 120kg (265lbs) 0.7
Metal 110kg (242lbs 110kg (242lbs) 1
Plastic 100kg (220lbs) 100kg (220lbs) 1
Wood 100kg (220lbs) 65kg (143lbs) 0.65
Ceramic Tile 170kg (375lbs) 120kg (265lbs) 0.7
Rough Concrete 80kg (176lbs) 80kg (176lbs) 1
Drywall 75kg (165lbs) 65kg (143lbs) 0.87
Rough Slate 80kg (176lbs) 80kg (176lbs) 1


Pressure to perpendicular lifting force conversion
For a more accurate estimation, check the pressure gauge on your Grabo and use the table below to convert pressure values to max lifting force values. (Parallel holding force values can be calculated using the P/P ratio provided above for different materials.)

Pressure (bar) Max perpendicular holding force
-0.8 170 kgf/ 374 lbsf
-0.6 128 kgf / 281 lbsf
-0.4 85 kgf / 187 lbsf
-0.2 43 kgf / 94 lbsf
-0.1 21 kgf / 47 lbsf