PrimeWeld MaxCool3000 TIG Welding Water Cooler

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The MaxCool3000 TIG Welding Water Cooler is compatible with the TIG225X or 325X AC/DC Tig Welder and is used to extend weld time. Attaching the MaxCool 3000 Water Cooler to your TIG welder allows for longer duty cycles and cools the torch, making it easier to hold.

Chilled Water Flow Keeps Your Welding Torch Cool

The MaxCool3000 holds 2.2 gallons of water, which it keeps cool and cycles through your TIG torch. Gas-cooled TIG torches simply can’t compete with chilled water-cooling technology. The MaxCool3000 is an upgrade that will supercharge your TIG225X or TIG325X.

Longer Weld Time, Shorter Job Time

The MaxCool3000 TIG Welding Water Cooler significantly increases the amount of time your TIG welding machine can function at a high level without overheating. Instead of having to rest your TIG welder after a few minutes of use, the water cooler lets you power through your job, so you get done faster! 

Don’t Forget the Water-Cooled TIG Torch

The MaxCool3000 TIG Welding Water Cooler does not include the CK Worldwide Water-Cooled TIG Torch. The MaxCool3000 Water Cooler requires this torch. The torch is sold separately. 

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  • 115 volt 60 Hz motor input
  • 2.2 gallon tank capacity
  • 1.8 amp maximum current draw
  • Weighs 30 lbs
  • This unit will work with any Brand or model TIG Welder. Including PrimeWeld 325x
Motor Input 115 volts 60 Hz
Maximum Current Draw 1.8 amps
Maximum Cooling Capacity 3760 Watts @ 1,7 /Min or 12,380 Btu/Hr @ 1.8 Qt/Min
Rated Cooling Capacity 1600 Watts @ 1 L/Min or 5460 BTU/Hr @ 1.1 Qt/Min
Tank Capacity 2.2 gallons
Dimensions 14” H x 10” W x 17 ¾” Deep
Weight 30 lbs

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