Roll board RB-SYS Cart

Roll board RB-SYS Cart

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The most efficient workshops incorporate an array of wheeled, mobile solutions, so workstations can be customized according to task, then reconfigured at a moment’s notice. Enhance your own efficiency with a new low-profile, rugged SYS-Cart that allows you to create custom assortments of tools and accessories for job-specific tasks. Large 3-15/16” locking casters easily maneuver cracks and obstacles, while ensuring that your goods stay put. Locking latches grip your Sys-components securely, while a wide base eliminates concern over top-heavy stacks of equipment. Easily transport up to 220 lbs in less time, and with less fatigue.

  • Four strong casters make it easy to move stacks of SYSTAINERS an SORTAINERS around.
  • Fits SYSTAINERS sizes 1 to 5 and SORTAINERS.
  • Durable sliding locks ensure that SYSTAINERS and SORTAINERS stay secure on the cart.
  • Compatible with Classic and T-LOC SYSTAINERS.
  • For easy transportation of SYSTAINER sizes 1-5 and SORTAINERS
  • Robust handles
  • 4 steering rollers, 2 of which can be locked

Technical Data

Light Grey SKU 80600196

Anthracite SKU 80600421

Weight 6.17 lbs (2.8 kg)
Load capacity 220.462 lbs (100 kg)
BASE 14-5/32"" x 20-1/2"" (360 x 520 mm)
Roll dia. 4"" (100 mm)

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