FastCap SoftWax Kit

FastCap SoftWax Kit

Kaizen Cases and Inserts

  • $39.95

Twenty colors of wax filler all in one kit. Just select the color you need or you can custom match a color of your own. Designed to fill nail holes, nicks, or scratches. First, select a color match, work the wax into the desired area, scrape off the excess, then buff slightly to match the existing finish. The kit includes wax, WaxWedge scraper, and buffing pad.

  • Quickly Fills Holes In Finished Woodwork
  • Match Nearly Any Surface
  • Kit includes wax sticks #1-20
  • Also includes WaxWedge & soft wax buffing pad
  • Refillable hardshell case keeps the wax where you want it

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