MAXI-TRAPO Heavy-Duty Systainer Folding Trolley

MAXI-TRAPO Heavy-Duty Systainer Folding Trolley

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This trolley makes transporting multiple Systainer cases easy. It is sturdily constructed and has large-diameter wheels that can travel up steps or through gravel without difficulty.

The trolley has a capacity of 150kg and is built of aluminum, steel and ABS. Its bed is sized to carry the maxi Systainer case (though it also handles smaller cases with ease) and has textured ABS pads to help keep cargo from sliding. Handle height is 111.5cm. For more compact storage, the handle and bed fold to make a 468mm × 710mm × 250mm package.

A strap for securing tall or unbalanced loads to the trolley is available separately.

Transport trolley “MAXI-TRAPO” • Light grey/blue art n° 80000056 • For systainer® I - V, MIDI-systainer® T-Loc II + III, systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi II + III”, Sortainer T-Loc “SYS-Sort IV / 3”, Drawer-systainer®, Rack-systainer® IV, MAXI-systainer® II + III, systainer® Tool-Box 1 + 2 and systainer® Storage-Box • With foldable carrier frame (L 425 x W 280 mm) • Light running wheels with wheel covers and curved handle for a comfortable use even when it is heavy loaded • Carrying capacity: 150 kg • Net weight: 7 kg • Height: 1,100 mm

SKU: 80000056