Systainer3 SYS-RB Cart

Systainer3 SYS-RB Cart

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Here it is, Systainer3, SYS3, or generation 3 cart!  

This cart works with all T-Loc and the Systainer3 line of systainers.

The cart has a wide base and a better lock in system so that MIDIs and Systainer3 L and XXL are stable on the cart.  Just a quick flip of the latch and your units are locked in.

The Systainer3 SYS-RB cart is great for when you want to be mobile with your systainers in the shop or on the worksite.  The SYS-RB cart is a robust solution for transporting your systainers in your shop or on location.

There are four swivel casters, two with braking capability. Each caster is 100mm in diameter which is a good size for easy moving across bumpy terrain. An integrated locking function ensures the stack is secured to the cart and won't tip over. For systainer I - V, systainer T-Loc “SYS-Combi II + III", Sortainer T-Loc “SYS-Sort IV / 3”, MAXI-systainer III, systainer Tool-Box 1 + 2 and systainer Storage-Box.  To boot it also works with Systainer3 M, L and XXL.

Carrying capacity of 100KG.

Get your SYS-RB Cart now and get on the move. The systainer - not just a case, but a system!


  • Light Grey - 83500064
  • Anthracite - 83500065