TANOS Rack-Systainer IV

TANOS Rack-Systainer IV

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Tanos Systainer storage systems are the standard in Europe for organizing and transporting tools, accessories, and hardware. Interchangeable storage cases and various components work together as a comprehensive and adaptable modular system, providing space-efficient storage that can be reconfigured for changing needs.

For keeping miscellaneous small objects organized, the rack Systainer houses four removable cases, each secured with a spring catch. The cases are divided internally with modular boxes of various sizes (15 or 17 per case) that can be rearranged easily. Each case has a latching lid and a handle to let you carry it separately, convenient when you don't need the entire contents of the rack for a job. With the same external dimensions as a regular Systainer 3, it can connect above or below any classic or drawer Systainer and under (but not above) any T-Loc regular Systainer case. Made of strong ABS plastic in the Czech Republic.

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