TJAK Drywall and Cabinet Jack

TJAK Drywall and Cabinet Jack

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The T-JAK® Cabinet, Drywall Jack, model TJ-104D gives the T-JAK® an added dimension. It is used to support the plasterboard, drywall that is being installed on the ceiling. The Drywall Tool includes a T-JAK, a two foot extension shaft and a pair of drywall support brackets. This tool also handles many difficult overhead tasks.

Support Crown Molding
With a block of wood fastened to the TJ-104 D top plate and raised to ceiling to be a ledge to hold up the far end of the molding while the installer is fitting and/or nailing the other end.

Support Ceiling Fixtures

Hold up larger ceiling light fixtures and track lighting with the (TJ-104 D)

Install HVAC rectangular ductwork

Support ductwork up against the floor joists. (TJ-104 D)