SteakthMounts TRAX90 & Track90 XL Track Saw Square

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  • Right Angle Track Saw Square Guide compatible with Makita and Festool Track Saw Guide Rails
  • StealthMounts Trax90 provides an instant 90 degree Track Saw Angle without need for measuring and clamping your Track Saw Guide Rail.
  • Simply place the Track Saw Guide on the material and push the Trax90 Track Saw Square to align with the edge, instantly setting your track at 90 degrees and ready for cutting.
  • The Trax90 Right Angle Guide slides into your Makita or FestoolTrack and holds firmly using our sprung slide design, no need to make any adjustments or deal with tightening clamps.
  • The vacuum hose guide stops your hose (or power cable) catching on the edge of the track or getting in the way - smoother cutting with no more snagging.
  • The Easiest to use and lightest 90 Degree Right Angle Track Saw Square on the Market
  • 2 OPTIONS: Trax90 recommended for shorter Tracks (up to 1200 mm or 48 in). Trax90 XL recommended for longer Tracks (1200 or 48 inches and above). **Most people buy one of each.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom using strong ABS Injection Moulded Plastic

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