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If you want to make your own custom foam shapes and if you want that foam to be a hard type. Look no further than this Pelican 1610 kaizen foam insert

This kaizen foam insert is made specifically for the Pelican 1610 and comes with five layers so you can utilize the entire depth of your case by customizing all five layers. The top three layers are all 57mm (2 1/4") thick foam insert and the bottom two layers are both 20mm (7/8") thick foam inserts.

Pelican foam inserts
Pelican foam inserts
Pelican foam inserts

Customize your Pelican foam insert exactly to your liking within minutes with our kaizen foam inserts. All Pelican inserts come in 4 different colour variants: Solid black, black/red, black/yellow, and black/white.

You aren't limited to the cubed layout of pick and pluck foam and you don't have to worry about your insert falling apart after a few months of use

Pelican foam inserts

Our Pelican foam inserts are easily interchangeable so instead of getting multiple cases you can simply pop in another Pelican 1610 insert that's fitted with your other gear