PrimeWeld TIG200-D Inverter 200-Amp TIG Welder

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The PrimeWeld TIG200-D 200-Amp Inverter TIG Welder offers dual-voltage 120/240-volt input power, letting you weld just about anywhere. When you’re ready to add the beauty, strength, and craftsmanship of true TIG welding to your shop, this 200 amp DC TIG and stick arc welder is the most cost-effective way to do it.

Stick Welding Convenience and TIG Quality

This MOSFET-type inverter TIG welder puts out 190 amps when plugged into 240-volt power, enough to weld 7/16-inch steel in a single pass. The stick mode produces 185 amps. When running on 120-volt input, the TIG function makes 145 amps, and the stick side puts out 140 amps.

The lower limit output of 10 amps for either process is mild enough heat to weld on 24-gauge sheet metal. For additional heat control, PrimeWeld includes a foot pedal to avoid overheating the workpiece, a crucial part of welding sheet metal.

Advanced Features For This 200 Amp TIG Welder

Adjustable Postflow: Not only does this 200 amp TIG welder also gives you Stick welding ease of use, but it also includes adjustable postflow for the shielding gas. The TIG200-D sets gas postflow at either 2 seconds or 5 seconds at the flip of a switch. When running low current levels, flip the switch to 2S for 2 seconds of flow, and on high current work flip the 2S/5S switch for 5 seconds of postflow.

Change Processes Quickly: You can choose which welding process you’re running with a simple flip of the switch from MMA to TIG and a quick change of leads.

Advanced Power Source: This MOSFET inverter TIG welder keeps the arc smooth no matter which process you’re running

Overheating and Overcurrent Protection: The PrimeWeld TIG200-D DC TIG welder with stick features modern, proven technology to protect your investment from damage due to overheating or current spikes.

Digital Display: It’s hard enough to work with a helmet and protective gear with smoke, sparks, and lighting changes. A digital readout lets you monitor your current levels quickly, accurately, and efficiently. No more squinting to figure out how hot you’re running

High-Frequency Arc Starts: The TIG200-D features high-frequency no-touch starting to preserve your tungsten electrode and consumables while avoiding contamination of the weld puddle with the electrode material.

Foot Pedal Heat Control: Try to find another 200 amp TIG welder with MOSFET technology, dual-voltage input power, high-frequency arc starts, AND an INCLUDED FOOT PEDAL HEAT CONTROL at this price!

Even if you can find one with all this from another maker, only the PrimeWeld TIG200-D comes with Legendary PrimeWeld Support


PrimeWeld Customer Service delivers knowledgeable PEOPLE who are easy to contact, give great advice, and know what it takes to keep you welding.


200-AMP Inverter TIG Welder Features:

  • Dual 120/240-volts input
  • MOSFET Inverter power
  • DC Stick Welder (MMA)
  • DC TIG Welder (GTAW-PD)
  • Start welding out of the box


  • Cold Electrode
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Power spike protection


  • High-Frequency arc start
  • Shielding Gas Post-Flow
  • 2S/5S Postflow switch
  • Foot Pedal Included!


  • Quality 10-foot stinger clamp
  • Change from TIG to Stick with the flip of a switch


  • Dinse connectors
  • Digital Power Display
  • Built-in Shielding Gas solenoid
  • TIG/MMA (stick) selection switch



  • (120V) 30 amps / (240V) 50 amps


  • 120 volts: 10-145 amps
  • 240 volts: 10-190 amps


  • Arc 120 volts: 10-140 amps
  • Arc 240 volts: 10-185 amps


  • 60 percent @ max rating (120/240V)
  • 100 percent @ 112 amps (120V)
  • 100 percent @ 147 amps (240V)


  • 60 percent @ max rating (120/240V)
  • 100 percent @ 108 amps (120V)
  • 100 percent @ 143 amps (240V)


  • Low current 2 seconds
  • High current 5 seconds


  • 23 pounds


Parameter TIG200D
Welding process


Inverter type


Input voltage 1 phase AC, 110V +/- 15% 1 Phase AC, 220V +/- 15%
Input frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz

Input connector type

Pre-wired for NEMA 6-50P

*adapter provided for

NEMA 6-50 to NEMA 5-15

(for 220V or 110V operations)

5-15P NEMA

*See note

6-50P NEMA
Rated input current

TIG: 35.7A

MMA: 55.8A

TIG: 26A

MMA: 39.5A

Rated output voltage

TIG: 15.8V

MMA: 25.6V

TIG: 17.6V

MMA: 27.4V

Rated output current

TIG: 145A

MMA: 140A

TIG: 190A

MMA: 185A

No-Load voltage 56.0V
Arc initiation (TIG) High-Frequency Start (HF start)
Duty Cycle See Duty Cycle Table
No-load power consumption 40W
Efficiency >=80%
Power factor 0.73
Insulation grade F
Ingress protection rating (IP)


Weight 10.4 kg / 22.9 lbs
Overall dimensions 405 x 214 x 337 mm / 15.9 x 8.4 x 13.3 inches
Remote control Optional
Welding process dependent  
Gas: Post-Flow 2s to 5s


Input Voltage & Duty Cycle

Welding Type Input Voltage Duty Cycle
TIG 110V 145A/15.8V @ 60%
112A/14.5V @ 200%
220V 190A/17.6V @ 60%
147A/15.9V @ 100%
Stick 110V 140A/25.6V @ 60%
108A/24.3V @ 100%
220V 185A/27.4V @ 60%
143A/25.7V @ 100%

*note: all values are at 25°C

What's Included

TIG200-D 200-Amp Inverter TIG Welder Comes With:

  • TIG torch wp-17 with 13 feet cable
  • Ground Clamp with 12 feet cable
  • Electrode holder with 12 feet cable
  • 220v to 110v power adapter
  • Hand-hold mask and hammer brush
  • Argon hose
  • Foot pedal amperage control with 16.40feet cable
  • User manual

tig200d Inverter 200-Amp TIG Welder components

How to Use


tig200d set up

  1. Turn on the machine using the ON/OFF on the back of the machine.
  2. Select the TIG function with the TIG/MMA selector switch.
  3. Connect the TIG torch connector to the TIG torch terminal and tighten it.
  4. Connect the ground cable connector into the positive terminal and tighten it.
  5. Connect the foot pedal remote lead into the 5pin socket. Or connect the torch switch lead into the 5pin socket.
  6. Connect the gas regulator (not included) to the cylinder and connect the gas line to the regulator.
  7. Carefully open the valve of the gas cylinder. Set the flow to 15-25CFH (7-12LMN).
Selector Switches

tig200d welder selector switch functions

  1. ON/OFF: This switch powers the machine up when switched to the on position and powers the machine down when switched to the off position. NOTE: The On/Off switch is on the back of the TIG200D.
  2. MMA/TIG: Provides selection of TIG or SMAW (Stick) welding modes. Selecting the TIG position provides for TIG welding function. Selecting the MMA position provides for DC SMAW (Stick) welding function.
  3. 2S/5S: Provides control of gas flow after the welding arc is extinguished. Post gas flow prevents contamination of the weld pool during its cool down period from molten state to solid at the weld finish and keeps the tungsten electrode protected from oxidizing atmosphere during the cool down cycle. The post gas flow time will depend on the tungsten size and welding current that is being used. Low current choose 2 seconds, high current choose 5 seconds.
  4. Foot Pedal/Panel Control: Provides the selection of Foot Pedal Control or Panel Control. Selecting the Foot Pedal position when using with foot pedal. Selecting the Panel Control when using with the TIG torch switch.
  5. Welding Current Adjustment Knob: Provides adjustment and control of the main welding unit.

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