SquiJig Framing Square Attachment

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 Squi.Jig 1-1/4” Tall- Framing Jigs

Aluminum Framing Jigs, made to clamp onto most squares and commonly used to perform stair stringer layout, rafter layout, and many other uses when working with lumber and steel. 

The Taller Profile really grabs onto your work piece and consistently gives you an accurate layout without letting wane or rounded edges throw off your layout.

The bright dip anodized aluminum is lightweight, easy to spot on the job, shop or toolbox and the taller thumbscrews makes it easy to work even with gloves on.

The slot opening is 1/4" tall, fitting anything at .25" or thinner.

Comes as a set, with 2 jigs and the screws.

 Squi.Jig 3” Tall- Framing Jigs

Framing Square Attachment for all your framing needs, which might include stair layout, or rafter layout. Commonly used for steel framing acting as a square stand and for performing many different layouts.

With this unique cylinder design, and dual slots, there are unlimited possibilities and uses for this framing square attachment.

This tool comes as a set, with 2 jigs and the screws.

Made in Portland, Oregon. USA

Whats the main differences between the two squijig sizes?

The 1-1/4" Tall squijigs are designed for wood carpenters to over come defects in lumber. All though the 1-1/4" squijigs also work for building things like metal hand railing, stairs, truck beds etc.. The 3" squijigs on the other hand have a metal fabrication back ground. The 3" weight and size helps the framing square to stay upright and free a hand when tacking parts etc.. Having two slots gives you the freedom to side shift around parts like brackets, welds etc.. Also the larger metal beams tend to have rounded corners and the 3" width easly over comes that. Hope that helps!