SquiJig Framing Square Attachment - 3 Inch

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 Squi.Jig 3” Tall- Framing Jigs


Extra Tall Aluminum Framing Jigs, made to clamp onto most squares and commonly used to perform stair stringer layout, rafter layout, rip materials with a circular saw and many other uses when working with lumber and steel.

- Wood uses: stair gauges, stair layout, rafter layout, rip guide on your saw, angle guide on your speed square, holds your framing square upright and more!

- Metal uses: over comes rounded edges on large square tube, easily square up round tube, acts as a third hand when tacking metal together or lining up with a turn buckle, will hang or stand your square up on material and more!

- The taller profile gives an extremely solid and accurate hold on the workpiece.

- Dual slots and cylinder barrels allows maximum versatility with any project.

- The slot is 5/16" tall, fitting onto anything up to .31" (5/16") thick

- Made in the USA


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