Paint Roller Sleeve Cleaner

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Clean a roller in seconds! With ONE swipe - NO mess, NO waste, NO problem!

- Clean a paint roller sleeve in seconds

- No mess, no waste, no problem

- Very Durable, High Quality, Injection Moulded Manufacturing

- Crafted in the USA

Designed by painters, for painters—both professional and DIY'rs—this original new roller cleaner is outstanding! With only ONE SWIPE, the Clean Sleeve digs deep, drawing paint from the base of the sleeve pulling it back to the bucket. The Clean Sleeve saves time and money, while eliminating the mess. Stop buying a new roller for every job. With the ease and gentleness of the Clean Sleeve, you can reuse that roller time after time, saving you money! The Clean Sleeve is so fast and simple, you will never throw out a roller again!